Winter Break 2013-14

Chicken Parm Pizza, Steak Bomb, and Anchovy pizza all from Captain Pizza

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Winter Holiday 2013-14

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The Last Day; Pungol Plaza

This trip I was pretty lax about my commitment to taking pictures of my food.  While food blogging is a fun activity, I try to make sure it does not supersede other activities, and because of that we find ourselves at my last day in Singapore.  At the conclusion of what may be my eigth or ninth time visiting, I feel more reluctant to return home.

My lunch at the food center (or “centre”, Singapore does real English) of a local mall did not alleviate any reluctance to leave.  Looking for a more stable option, because my stomach had taken a turn for the worst on this last day, I decided to go for a hot-pot (sort of, see here for further info) vendor.  What was cool though, was that it was take-out!  Typically, I have only seen hot-pot in a sit-down restaurant style, and the vendor style perked my interest.

I was not disappointed, and had a wide variety of ingredients in my bowl. You get to choose whatever you would like, and they cook it right in front of you with the hot broth.  The yam and kang kong were especially good.  

My mom, in addition to her own bowl, got a bright pink drink called Bandung.  It has a cool, clear flavor (if there is such a thing), and is made from a combination of water, juice and milk. 

For dessert we shared Pulut Hitman (which I blogged earlier, here) .  By this time, I was already sufficiently full so the warm and creamy mix of coconut milk and the gulutinious rice put me over into a full fledged food coma.  I proceeded to take a glorious and very fulfilling nap.  What a way to end my brief stay in Singapore, with great food and relaxation.

Home Cooked Food; continued.

Same, with the addition of steamed Pomfret, a fish.  Light, yet with a distinct taste, the fish complemented my already full plate very well.

Home-cooked Food

Nothing is better.  PoPo cooked us lunch, and made everything pictured here except for the Kueh Lapis (on the bottom left).  I think everything here as been blogged already in my previous Singapore posts, so I will just summarize, left to right, top to bottom: the whole lunch with a Tiger beer in the foreground, thousand year old egg and ginger, fried shrimp and pork, steamed vegetables, squid and shrimp, kueh lapis and sweet and sour pork with bell peppers at the bottom right.


Family matters over for the time being, we left to go do some of the newer tourist-y activities that we had not already done during previous trips.  Coincidentally, these two new attractions lined up with my area of study, as we went to visit the new Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage.  The Gardens are part-botanical garden, part-sustainability attraction, with giant “supertrees” and two dome-shaped greenhouses.  A five minute walk away, was the Marina Barrage, which is turning Singapores’ Marina Bay Harbor into a freshwater reservoir that is crucial for flood control and of course, potable water (Singapore lacks large domestic sources).

After we walked to a satay stand and casually bought 40 sticks of meat to munch on for a bit.  My brother also got a drink for the stand pictured above, where I got a perfectly cooling fruit smoothie.

If you have only ever had satay in the States, you don’t know satay.  Not yet, at least.  We bough three different meats: mutton, chicken and beef.  The meat was tender, juicy and flavorful, everything you could want satay to be, and had it’s usual complements of curry and peanut sauce for dipping, and sliced onion and cucumber on the side.  To add a little extra to our afternoon family snack, we had a rice cake on the side as well.  This afternoon meal was ideal in setting and timing: in an almost empty hawker stand after a productive and warm day exploring the Gardens and the Barrage. Can’t really ask for much more.